I started these animated diary entries as a way to express my feelings, to put out what was in my head, to say things I don’t have words for yet. They were meant to be reflexive from the very first line. 

Marine Buffard

The following interview forms part of a series where I invite contemporary artists to each reflect on their personal history, meaning, and philosophy, and how those are embedded throughout their creative process.

This week I talk to Marine Buffard aka Becoming a Morning Person, who creates “animated diary entries of a life in motion”.

Tell me about this piece.

This piece is extracted from a music video I art directed for a French music band called Ecran Total. This illustration aims to represent the hypnotic addiction linked to the usage of our smartphones and more particularly how time and self can obliterate into prolonged and unconscious consumption.

When we are old we won’t look back at our lives thinking we would have loved to spend more time on social networks or other time consuming digital devices. We will look back on our lives and wish for more time with our loved ones, in nature, doing things that we love, creating… The phone but also the hand of the user dissolves in an endless scroll while the blooming flower represents self-growth. 

Does inspiration ‘come’ to you or is it found through searching?

Inspiration usually comes to me. If not, it means that I need a little break apart from creating which is fine. 

Looking back at your works, what you do think about them now?

I think that they all represent the state of mind I had when I created them. My work is very personal as it is initially linked to my diary entries. I can see, feel, and revisit old sensations and feelings through them. I remember how I felt, where I was when I was in the process of drawing them.

Watching them again is like a very small time travel into myself. I know it will sound really egocentric and maybe it is: but I started these animated diary entries as a way to express my feelings, to put out what was in my head, to say things I have words for it yet. They were meant to be reflexive from the very first line. 

Feeling lost, stuck and without meaning are experiences we all face as human beings. Why do you think that is? How do you approach those feelings in your work?

I think that those are two separated experiences. I personally don’t think that I need a particular purpose to exist and enjoy my existence in this world. I exist because I do and I am fine with that: I was just lucky to happen to be here in the first place. 

Feeling lost or stuck are different. I personally feel lost or stuck in my work or in my life when I need a break. It is not always easy to find the time or to have the luxury to say no to projects, to people or to situations, but it is the solution on my end. I need to rest, do something different entirely, take a step back, and then come back with more clarity on what made me feel lost in the first place.

Also, getting lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a difficult feeling for sure but it can have interesting if not great outcomes in my opinion. I wasn’t in a very good place mentally mid-pandemic (like most of us I suppose: winter, successives lockdowns and curfews, no vaccine at this time, months of crisis…it was hard on all of us). I wasn’t very well but didn’t know how to express it, so I came back to drawing again in order to sort my thoughts and feelings. I needed to feel very bad and to lose myself a bit to find my love for creation again. It’s all a question of perspective I guess. 

What does authenticity mean to you as an artist?

To stay true to what you are and what you believe is ultimately very difficult as long as you hope to live from your art and enter into the marketing, commercial art, and commision territory. 

If there were an artwork that depicted your current experience of the world, what might it look like?

I see it moving in my head but I don’t have the words to actually describe it. I imagine it to be abstract with soft shapes in very fluid movements, textured and with summery colors. Might attempt to picture it one day if I find some time 🙂

See more of Marine Buffard’s work and keep up to date with upcoming exhibitions: Instagram

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