Oded Reitten | Therapist Interview Series

“Fragility (and strength), like vulnerability, is relative, as the soft sponge will be like a mountain for the ant, and it could be annihilated by the softest touch.”

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The Friendship Bench: Zimbabwe’s Answer to a Need for Safe Spaces

Responding to widespread mental health problems in Zimbabwe, Professor Dixon Chibanda took to unusual methods – training a team of grandmothers in creating safe spaces for people to talk. ‘Friendship Bench’ is a result of their teamwork – organised around culturally embedded concepts surrounding wellbeing and belonging. In this interview, ‘Friendship Bench’ share with me the full story and meaning behind their project, and what message they ultimately wish to spread.

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Mindfump: On Depression

Paul Green (Mindfump) writes witty, thought-provoking and uplifting articles on mental health.

After reading many of these, including The Secret History of Depression, Mental Illness Has No Chance and When Depression Was Your Friend, I became interested in knowing more of Paul’s story and his perspectives.

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