Iwo Zaniewski | Artist Interview Series

Polish painter and photographer Iwo Zaniewski tells me how his personal and cultural history are embedded in his works, whether he believes there are limits to human creativity, and which work of art he would erase from his mind just to experience it for the first time.

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MURUGIAH | Artist Interview Series

MURUGIAH’s works are described as “surreal, joyful, loud and unapologetic”. His exploration in colour is partly a drive towards understanding his Sri Lankan heritage; having previously expressed his feeling as a “conduit” between Sri Lankan and British cultures, I wondered how he experiences that, how it is expressed in his works, and what it took for him to be truly unapologetic as an artist.

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Oliver Lunn | Artist Interview Series

Oliver Lunn is a London-based artist from southeast England. His mixed media collage works are composed of materials “charged with history” – old found papers and magazines – manipulated and reconstructed in a process of layering, cutting, erasing and peeling back. Through this medium he “externalises the internal”, exploring new methods of refinement, down to “fragments of fragments”.

In this interview, Oliver elucidates the many influences behind his process, including an unrelenting “artistic restlessness”. The pieces shown below were ones selected by Oliver on the basis that they highlight themes touched on in our interview. He has “ordered them in a way where they complement one another – space vs chaos, colour vs calm”.

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