I wade through mercury waters

A land speckled crimson

Peppered bloody, hematic and sore

Swollen, cancerous rocks, bloated, bulging 

and inflamed

Under a sickly sky, the trees gaunt and rawboned,

they reach, beseech, leeching for a way

out of their roots

Marks like swords – what has been here before?

It spread its air of death

Leaving a synthesised mess

A world left ailing and raw

Posted by:repsychl

11 replies on “Land of the Sleeping Things

  1. Best poetry I’ve read on WordPress in a long time. Refreshing, really. Much applause. (Side note: If you want not have the double spacing between your poetic lines, hit shift+enter and it will single space them.) Anyway, good stuff. Along with the art, it becomes a more complete art. However, that being said, I went back and read it on its own, without the art, and it held up really well as a possible abstract journey into life and mental/emotional experience. ~ Really good stuff. I’m inspired now. ~ Thank you.

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