“What Does Mental Wellbeing Mean to You?”

The following quotes are extracted from interviews with mental health advocates.  I asked each of them, “What does mental wellbeing mean to you?” – here are their responses:
“It means that you successfully cope with the everyday stresses of life, including change, work, school, family, and so on.” – August Pfizenmayer, Survival is a Talent
“Being aware of any signs that could indicate a downward spiral or disruption – as well as how to maintain good mental wellbeing.”  – Breaking the Stigma
“Self care and understanding of your own mind.” – Charlotte Underwood, Author of ‘After Suicide’
“Positive thinking and feeling peaceful in the mind” – Jemima Powell, Olive Branch Consultancy
“For me that’s being stable a majority of the time. Being able to handle day to day life. Being able to recognize problems before they become a crisis falls under that too. I think a lot of people might say happy but happy isn’t all that common, content might be a word but I think stable says it best.” – Kelly Shelley
“It refers to your state of consciousness, how you view yourself, how you treat others, and how certain actions affect you.” – Timothy, Tayo; Tayo Project
“It means thriving in spite of a diagnosis I have. I believe that now that I know better, I need to do better. My diagnosis actually helps me stay sober – which I have been since I was diagnosed over two and a half years ago – why would I put something in my body that exacerbates symptoms that already seem unmanageable and out of control? Seems like a no-brainer to me.” – Patrick A. Roland, Author of ‘Unpacked Sparkle’

What does mental wellbeing mean to you?

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