Top 10 Mental Health Stigmas

The following list is extracted from an interview with Sonny Hawkins, creator of Autistic Mental Health Awareness (AMHA). I asked Sonny which mental health stigmas he thinks are the most common, and which he finds the most hurtful or irritating:

1. People with mental illness, especially those with schizophrenia, are violent and dangerous

2. People with mental illness are weak and are more prone to mental illnesses because of a character flaw or weak personality – they should just snap out of it

3. Mental illness is only caused by drugs, alcohol or sexual abuse

4. People with mental illness are criminals, evil or very disabled and unable to live normal, fulfilled lives

5. People with a mental illness are stupid and lack intelligence


6. Mental health is a rare condition which only affects a few people

7. People with a mental illness shouldn’t work because they are a danger to others around them and will drag down the rest of the staff

8. Mental illness is a millennial’s disease, everyone’s gone soft and weak, wanting to talk about everything – we should just suck it up and get on with it like generations before

9. Autistic people can’t have mental health problems as well, as Autism is a mental illness in itself

10. Mental health problems only affect adults – children are not affected, any problems they do have are just part of growing up

Read more of Sonny’s interview:

Which mental health stigmas do you come across most? How do they make you feel?

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