“What is it Like to Go Through Mental Illness?”

The following quotes are extracted from interviews with mental health advocates. I asked each of them, “What is it like to go through mental illness?” – here are their responses:

“It feels dark and deep. It feels different, it feels wrong.” – Timothy John DP. Alimorong, Tayo ; Tayo Project

“Honestly it’s horrible. Even when you feel amazing (and being bipolar there are times when you feel really amazing) …there’s this tendency to be setting yourself up for trouble later. There’s just no fear of consequences when you’re in that place…. mania also can lead to a lot of irritability and downright anger.

Depression of course is horrible. What I get the most of is actually mixed states…where I’ll be full of energy but am using every bit of it to self-destruct…. this is where my biggest suicide risk comes in. I don’t want to be alive and I have all the energy I need to carry it out and enough concentration to plan something….and no one realizes that I’m in that kind of trouble because I don’t come off as depressed… because depression is only part of what’s going on.” – Kelly Shelley

“A rollercoaster, it’s unpredictable and can make you feel like a guest in your own body/mind.” – Charlotte Underwood, Author of ‘After Suicide’

“It’s hard, but also interesting. One of the ways I cope is to look at myself with curiosity. If I’m having a delusion, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I look at myself as a science experiment asking myself why this is happening, what part of my brain this is coming from, and so on.” – August Pfizenmayer, Survival is a Talent

“For a long time it was like never feeling comfortable in my own skin, always feeling like something was wrong but not being able to put my finger on what it was, knowing I was different than others but not knowing or understanding why.

Knowing I was just sad and probably not going to ever not be. Knowing others were happy and that they just “were” and I just “wasn’t” but not being able to get there. It was like a roller coaster I guess, but mine was more underground.” – Patrick A. Roland, Author of ‘Unpacked Sparkle’

“It is a rollercoaster ride; you have highs and lows. Some days are great, while others are just awful. It is about learning how to manage the ups and downs. I think of living with a mental health condition like ocean tides, they come in and go out – some days are good, and others are not so good. It is about learning how to manage and navigate the ups and downs.” – Amanda Shea, Voices of Mental Health

What is it like to go through mental illness, for you?

2 thoughts on ““What is it Like to Go Through Mental Illness?”

  1. “What is it like to go through mental illness, for you?”

    It’s a dark, heavy swampland; in my little boat I just sit there, afraid to make any move in any direction. God forbid if I get out of my little boat, then I sink into black that and pulls and tugs me under.


  2. IT is a constant state of confusion with atleast two trains running in opposite directions, each so loud that that it suffocates you from the inside. There are moments of calm but other times when you NEED a break, you tend to think of self harm to create that momentary stillness.


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